Euro-Crisis : The Economic Worry List for December !

What will happen in December from an economic point of view ? A short list of the events informs us if we have to worry or concerning the crisis ? The known worry list is as follows:

–Tuesday, Nov. 29: Italian bond auction. Belgian T-bill auction. Final Portuguese budget vote. Euro-zone finance ministers meeting. Decision expected on sixth aid tranche payment to Greece.

–Wednesday, Nov. 30: EU finance ministers meeting.

–Thursday, Dec. 1: Spanish and French bond auctions. Europe-wide manufacturing purchasing managers index. Greek public sector union ADEDY holds strike.

–Monday, Dec. 5: Europe-wide service-sector PMI data. ECB’s weekly bond-purchase data.

–Tuesday, Dec. 6: Third-quarter euro-zone gross domestic product report, second estimate. Irish Finance Minister announces 2012 Budget that includes EUR3.8 billion more in austerity measures.

–Wednesday, Dec. 7: Portuguese T-bill auction. European People’s Party meeting in Marseilles, France. Greek parliament votes on 2012 budget.

–Thursday, Dec. 8: ECB interest-rate decision, news conference. Second day of European People’s Party meeting. EU leaders informal dinner ahead of summit.

–Friday, Dec. 9: EU leaders summit. Televised address by French President Nicolas Sarkozy expected before this date. Vienna World Policy conference (through Dec. 11)

–Monday, Dec. 12: Italian T-bill auction. ECB’s weekly bond-purchase data. Greece starts talks with ‘troika’ of international creditors–the European Union, the International Monetary Fund and the European Central Bank–on new bailout package.

–Tuesday, Dec. 13: First meeting of new Spanish parliament after election. A new prime minister must be elected by Dec. 28. Spanish T-Bill auction.

–Wednesday, Dec. 14: Italian bond auction.

–Thursday, Dec. 15: Spanish bond auction.

–Friday, Dec. 16: Greek T-bill auction.

–Monday, Dec. 19: EUR1.22 billion of Greek debt falls due. ECB’s weekly bond-purchase data.

–Tuesday, Dec. 20: Spanish T-bill auction.

–Wednesday, Dec. 21: Portuguese T-bill auction. Swearing in of Mariano Rajoy as Spanish prime minister and announcement of new cabinet expected around this time.

–Thursday, Dec. 22: EUR980 million of Greek debt falls due. New Spanish PM to take oath.

–Friday, Dec. 23: Potential first cabinet meeting of new Spanish government and approval of first economic measures, possibly including an emergency budget decree ahead of a formal 2012 budget.

–Wednesday, Dec. 28: Italian T-bill, zero-coupon bond auction.

–Thursday, Dec. 29: EUR5.23 billion of Greek debt falls due. Italian bond auction.

–Friday, Dec. 30: EUR750 million of Greek debt falls due.

–By Saturday, Dec. 31: Ireland’s troika of lenders releases its latest quarterly review of the country’s bailout.